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Breeding and Sales

Over the past decades the Irish horse attracted great interest in the international show jumping and eventing circles. Many promising young Irish horses sold abroad, lived up to high expectations capturing leading prizes in all spheres of the international equestrian industry.

The Irish draught’s renowned outstanding kind temperament and character and it’s powerful and robust physique has won over the hearts of millions through it’s never-ending willingness to perform, as well as the desire to please. Likewise, it’s cousin the Irish Sports Horse displays similar qualities, making them ideal partners for the seasoned competition and recreational rider alike.

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Ross House Equestrian Centre’s excellent reputation was gained by selective and successful breeding of quality Irish foals.

Currently standing are several working stallions canvassing both Irish Draught and Irish Sport Horse.

An abundance of young stock, including broodmares and their selectively bred offspring, enjoy the carefree upbringing in the expanse of our fields before being prepared for sale.

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